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Apparel Group

With over 1750+ stores and more than 75+ international brands to boast about and racing to 2000 stores by the end of 2020, the Apparel Group, now one of the leading Fashion Retailers in this part of the world, had a rather modest start. Commencing its operation with just one brand in 1996, The Apparel Group was just rearing to gather momentum in the Retail industry. Setting a strong foothold in the Gulf, the Apparel Group has crossed the regional boundaries and embarked in the Global market.

In 1996, under the Patriarch of the Mr. Nilesh Ved, the Apparel Group initiated its successful journey with 3 stores of Ninewest a U.S. brand commenced its first exclusive operations in Lamcy Plaza. The success brought by the launch of a few stores allowed a clear understanding of the retail market apparent in the Gulf, thus allowing Apparel to concentrate on its business strategy of further introducing new labels and expanding its reach to the consumer.

Building a firm ground-work with the first three stores, from 1996 to 1998, the Apparel Group consummated the next phase by absorbing many international brands under their sleeves and opening stores in every important location in the country. This exponential growth was due to the the ground-work as the Group had mastered the complex science of warehousing & logistics, operations, IT and Financial Management systems, Employee training & integration, Customer Service betterment and comprehensive real time management.

Today, the group stands tall with over more than 75+ international brands in its ever-increasing portfolio with brands originating from U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia & Far East. The drive is to bring together all the top Fashion brands from across the world under the Apparel Umbrella and to become the Best Global Retailer. Currently, the group has operations in UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, India, Singapore, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia. Additionally, clear strategies are in place to enter emerging markets such as, Czech Republic, Hungary, Pakistan, Egypt and Philippines.

Coming from the new school of management, the Apparel Group believes in S P E E D i.e., Service, Productivity, Efficiency, Effectiveness and Dedication/Commitment. With the retail industry growing at a fast pace and the competitors focused to make a mark, these beliefs the Group has not only supported in sustaining these conditions but to overcome it with an ever-increasing market share to prove it.

Being the primary motive of the Group, Customer Satisfaction is integrated into organizational thought process and imbibed at every level of the organizational hierarchy. A complex result-oriented customer feedback system is followed to gauge the satisfaction levels and Zero Tolerance system is maintained

Together we can do better is the motto which has contributed to the standing of the Group in the international arena. Investing in the employee is paramount and as per Apparels philosophy, its greatest assets are ITS PEOPLE. Its strength of 4500+ retail savvy employees consisting of industry experts, professional sales staff, and consultants who continuously provide essential analysis on the functioning of the group. This is continuously bolstered with strong in-house training by the senior managers themselves, for its staff training and customer service. Training is provided on various aspects to Apparel Sales Staff for implementing a Best Customer Service platform via in class-room guidance & preparation, Mystery Shopping, On Floor Training, Product Knowledge Training, and through the re-investment in our Employees by the means of recreation.

The Apparel Group puts the theory of Corporate Social Responsibility in every aspect possible. Be it Blood donation camps, cleanliness drives, Breast Cancer awareness, Helping children with Special Needs amongst others. The Group have initiated and successfully executed all the tasks and given something back to environment in which it exists. Apparel Group is also a part of Dubai Autism Centre and is supporting it immensely.

Setting the perfect example of organizational excellence, the Apparel Group is crossing all barriers and making new benchmarks in the retail industry. For more information please visit