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Company Frequently Asked Questions

Company FAQ

Have a question about Cold Stone Creamery? You'll find your answer here. Click on an FAQ section below to see a list of related questions.

Can you tell me more about Cold Stone’s history?  

To learn more about our history of ice cream innovation, please read The Cold Stone Story.

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How do I contact someone at Cold Stone Creamery?  

  Please visit our Contact Us page for all company contact information.

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Where can I find the Cold Stone nearest me?  

To find the Cold Stone nearest you, please visit the store locator page, where you can either search by zip code or city and state or you can click on an interactive map to find Cold Stone locations within a geographic area.

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Where can I find information about new stores opening in my area?  

New store openings will be marked as “Coming Soon” when you search for stores nearest you using the store locator. Please note that this is only an estimated date only (the store may open before or after that date).

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Where can I find information about international stores?  

Please visit our International page to learn more about worldwide Cold Stone Creamery locations.

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How do I submit a site recommendation for a new Cold Stone location?  

Please visit the Franchise Information page to learn more about franchise opportunities, requirements, and the process we use to select franchise partners.

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My company is interested in becoming a Cold Stone supplier. Whom should I contact about this opportunity?  

To learn more about doing business with Cold Stone, please visit our Business Opportunities page. Suppliers can submit inquiries directly to Cold Stone by completing our Supplier Application form.

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Does Cold Stone cater?  

Cold Stone Creamery caters events, both large and small, with our world-famous ice cream and cakes. Each Cold Stone Creamery is privately owned and operated with each owner setting his/her own policy with regards to catering. For most events, all you need to do is locate the Cold Stone nearest you and place your order directly over the phone. Please contact the store(s) in your area and discuss your request with the owner or manager.

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Do you offer volume discounts for large catering events?  

Please contact a store near you for information about large cake orders and catering.

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Does Cold Stone host parties?  

While Cold Stone does not host parties, we do offer a host of party treats such as customizable ice cream cakes, kids’ cakes, petite cakes and, of course, our famous Signature Cakes. (Please visit our Cakes page for details.) We also offer our same-as-always, world-famous, smooth and creamy, super-premium ice cream to go. Just drop by a Cold Stone Creamery near you. We take one of our new stylin’ containers, fill it to the brim with our delicious ice cream and your favorite mix-ins, and you’re ready to go. Our To Go ice cream is available in “Mine,” “Ours” and “Everybody’s” sizes (that’s small, medium, and large for the coolness-impaired).

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Does Cold Stone Creamery sponsor or donate to local organizations?  

The Cold Stone team understands the importance of participating in our communities to make them better places to live and work. We also recognize it is our responsibility to act on this belief. That’s why we have established a formal charitable giving program with the Make-A-Wish Foundation on a national and local basis. This partnership has proven to be a positive one for all involved, especially the children whose wishes come true with the money we raise.

With so many worthy organizations seeking support, we recommend that you contact your local store to see if they would support your efforts. Our franchisees are a group of people who are interested in supporting their communities in a variety of ways. In addition, many Cold Stone Creamery franchisees allow fundraisers to be held in their stores in order to benefit local organizations. Please contact the owner or manager of the store(s) in your area for more information.

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Can my organization/class have a tour of a Cold Stone Creamery?  

Please contact the Cold Stone Creamery nearest you to inquire about tours of your local Cold Stone Creamery. The Creamery Headquarters does not offer tours of the facility.

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How do I contact someone with a media inquiry?  

Please visit our Contact Us or Press Room page for media contact information and related information.

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Why are your ice cream prices higher than other ice cream companies?  

Our prices reflect the fact that we use only the highest quality ingredients in our ice cream, yogurt and Italian sorbet. This assures that only the creamiest and finest product is served to our consumers. We serve brand name candy and mix-ins and only the highest quality of fruits and nuts to guarantee customer satisfaction. Cold Stone Creamery bakes our brownies and waffle cones fresh in-store every day. This, we believe, is what makes Cold Stone Creamery stand out from the rest. As all of our locations are individually owned and operated, prices vary depending on location.

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Can I sign up online to receive coupons?  

Ice Cream Lovers of all ages can now enroll in the national My Cold Stone Club to receive a free Cold Stone Creation on their birthday. As part of your enrollment, you will also receive information about special offers and events going on at a Cold Stone near you! Join the My Cold Stone Club today! 

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Where can I find information about Cold Stone promotions?  

You can find the details about our current Cold Stone promotions by visiting our Promotions page.

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Why do the crew members sing when they receive a tip?  

The "Entertainment Factor" is meant to lend a fun, festive atmosphere in our stores and to set us apart from the competition. We seek out crew members who like to perform and we "audition," in addition to "interviewing" them. That way, they know that the “Entertainment Factor” is a job requirement before accepting a position with Cold Stone Creamery. In fact, many of our crewmembers enjoy the singing so much that they develop new songs themselves.  While some of the songs they come up with may be better than others, we admire their enthusiasm and creativity. Visit our Local Store Jobs page to find stores that are auditioning near you.

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Where can I find information on Cold Stone Creamery for a school project?  

Public information about Cold Stone Creamery can be found in the About Us section of the Web site. If you are interested in detailed company information such as company facts, management bios, etc., you can download our complete media kit, which is available within our Press Room

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Can I purchase stock in Cold Stone Creamery?  

No, we are currently a private company with no plans to go public. All information that is available to the public can be found on our Web site.

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