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Cold Stone Creamery - Signature Cakes


Special Occasions are a time for the ultimate splurge. For an ultra indulgence, Cold Stone Creamery's cakes offer the perfect variety of ultra sweet, thick, moist cakes, layered with some of the richest, creamiest ice cream in the world, complemented by a selection of mix-ins, all wrapped in fluffy white frosting or rich fudge ganache. Tasting the ultimate ice cream cakes just became easier….

Just dial 800- CAKES and order your cake today and we shall deliver it to you.

*Terms & Conditions Apply

A Cold Stone treat is the perfect way to celebrate the sweetness of everyday life.

arrow 4" Petite - Serves up to 2
arrow 6" Small Round - Serves up to 8
arrow 8" Large Round - Serves up to 14
arrow 8"x12" Small Rectangle - Serves up to 25
arrow 12"x18" Large Rectangle - Serves up to 50

Cold Stone Cakes Size Chart



Highlights of 800 Cake for Details

chocolate chipper
Chocolate Chipper™

Midnight Delight
Midnight Delight®

Coffee House Crunch
Coffee House Crunch™

Peanut Butter Playground
Peanut Butter Playground

Cookie Dough Delirium
Cookie Dough Delirium™

Strawberry Passion
Strawberry Passion™

Cookies & Creamery
Cookies & Creamery™

A Cheesecake Named Desire
A Cheesecake Named Desire™

Mmmmmint Chip
Mmmmmmint Chip™

Cake Batter Confetti
Cake Batter Confetti™

Custom Cakes
Custom cakes™