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Cold Stone Gift Cards

Cold Stone Gift Cards

Cold Stone Gift Cards

The only thing better than eating Cold Stone is…

…seeing the look on someone’s face when you give Cold Stone as a gift!

Well, okay, eating our ice cream is actually much more enjoyable. But fortunately, you can have your ice cream and eat it too. And it’s always nice to spread the love. Besides, we all want to give gifts to people now and then, and you might as well give them something you know they’ll absolutely love – Cold Stone ice cream!

Share the Cold Stone Experience

The Cold Stone Gift Card is a pre-paid card that may be purchased and redeemed at any of our participating locations. The gift card is ideal for birthdays, holidays, sweethearts, employee incentives and more.

For questions regarding an online gift card purchase, please call (866) 956-0976.

Want to Spread LOTS of Love?

If you would like to purchase more than $1,000 of Cold Stone Gift Cards e-mail us at