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Healthy Indulgences

Healthy Indulgences

Healthy Indulgences? No, You're Not Dreaming

Healthy and flavorful don’t always go hand in hand. At Cold Stone however, they do. From Sinless Sans Fat non-fat no sugar added ice cream, to Sorbets and Smoothies chock full of healthy mix-ins, including real fruits, crunchy nuts, and proprietary nutritional supplements, Cold Stone Creamery offers a variety of healthy indulgences that meet our high standards of quality and flavor.

Cold Stone Creamery’s Healthy Indulgences are:

  • A variety of non-dairy Sorbet flavors
  • Non-dairy Smoothies
  • A variety of mix-ins that fit your health and diet needs

Now that you are in the know, go ahead and indulge yourself in something that is as good as it is good for you.

Hooray for Sorbet!

Like sweet and tart? Desire fruity and fresh? Cold Stone Creamery Sorbets are sure to deliver the flavors you crave. Cold Stone Creamery stores offer a variety of Sorbet flavors, which may include Lemon, Raspberry, Watermelon or Tangerine. So come in and take a journey with Cold Stone Creamery non-dairy Italian Sorbets that are sure to have you saying, "Bravissimo!"

Calorie Saving Tips

Cold Stone Creamery is best known for dishing up super-premium, indulgent ice cream treats made-to-order. However, many people don’t know that there are several low-calorie, reduced-fat options that can be applied to Creations, shakes and cakes at every Cold Stone Creamery location across the country. Visit a location near you and substitute these light options in your favorite Cold Stone dessert - Sinless Sans Fat Sweet Cream, Sinless Cake Batter, Tart and Tangy yogurt or dairy-free sorbet.

Here are a few calorie conscious tips for enjoying your next visit to Cold Stone Creamery:

  • Choose Sinless Sweet Cream in your favorite Creation to reduce the ice cream calorie count by 57% with zero grams of fat.
  • Enjoy a Like It size serving of raspberry or lemon sorbet for 160 calories and zero grams of fat (also dairy-free).
  • Tart and Tangy yogurt is available in plain or berry and a Like It size serving can be enjoyed for a little as 140 calories and zero grams of fat.
  • Swap out the regular ice cream in the Like it Oh Fudge Shake with the Sinless Sweet Cream for a treat that has 61% fewer calories and contains 97% less fat.
  • Choose fruit mix-ins instead of candies. Selecting blueberries instead of REESE’S® Peanut Butter Cups will eliminate 180 calories.


Healthy Indulgences