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Product Information

Product Information & Ingredients

Your Health - Just as Important as Taste

At Cold Stone Creamery®, it’s no secret that our customers crave the great taste of our super-premium, smooth and creamy ice cream. We take great pride in the fact that we make it fresh, every day, right there in our stores, using only the finest quality ingredients.

Despite the general perception that ice cream isn’t as good for you as it tastes, at Cold Stone, we’re all about making people happy – for the long haul! – which requires a balanced and sensible approach to eating fun treats like ice cream. We therefore obsess, far more than most companies, about the nutritional aspects of our products as much as we do their taste. For some people, Cold Stone is a ritualized special treat, for others, a daily must-have. So right there, alongside our super-premium ice cream, we also offer low-calorie and low-fat options such as sorbet and no-sugar-added ice cream. (While our no-sugar-added ice cream is low in sugar, keep in mind that it’s not entirely sugar free… nature sees to it that milk comes with some sugar already in it.)

For more information please review the following ingredient statement:

We have a wide range of delicious options designed for any lifestyle. So go ahead, indulge – without the guilt!

Nutritional Information

To view nutritional information for all of our products, click here.

Food Allergens and Sensitivities

Some Cold Stone Creamery products contain ingredients associated with common food allergens such as eggs, milk, peanuts, soybean, tree nuts, and wheat and might also affect individuals with sensitivities to gluten. To learn specific details about the contents of our products, please view our Food Allergens and Sensitivities chart.Nutritional Information