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Cold Stone at Home

Cold Stone at Home

Cold Stone Creamery offers indulgent Creations™ ready for you to take home. Available in 32 oz. quart containers, Cold Stone at Home is perfect for parties too.  Look for our signature quart flavors in the freezer display next to our Signature Cakes at your local Cold Stone Creamery*. Be sure to follow the Why Wait? signs for faster service.

*Please note that Cold Stone at Home ice cream is not currently available in Guam or Puerto Rico.

Highlight a Container for Details

Founder's Favorite
Founder’s Favorite®
Cake Batter Batter
Cake Batter Batter Batter™
Peanut Butter Cup Perfection
Peanut Butter Cup Perfection™
Shock A Cone

Local Favorite Pre-Packed Quarts

The following quarts are only available at select locations. To inquire about availability, contact a store near you.

Rocky Off Road
Rocky Off Road™
Chocolate Devotion
Chocolate Devotion™